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Alyssa Murphy


What was the inspiration for this project?

“For most brides, weddings are the most exciting and magical days of their lives, so I wanted to create an atmosphere that reflected this. I chose to use elements such as hanging fairy lights from trees and flowing tulle on chairs to give the vibe of magic and romance for the evening. I live in an area surrounded by many beautiful trees, so I thought it would be interesting to utilize these trees as a natural backdrop for an outdoor wedding.”


“Design is one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process because there are endless possibilities.”

What did you find to be the most challenging?

“The biggest challenge I ran into was trying to research venues that didn’t cover the services that I would be doing for the couple. In my area, there are very few bare venues. The venues I found usually come with catering, cake, music, and an onsite wedding coordinator. Luckily I found some great venue options that had these services as add-ons and I was able to use my own catering and vendors.”

What was your favorite part?

“My favorite part of this project was creating the atmosphere. It was a lot of fun coordinating colors and centerpieces that would create the vibe I wanted for this wedding. I wanted to have a lot of color coordination, but to also have a balance so that there wouldn’t be too much pink or grey. I chose white decorations to balance the color scheme out. Design is one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process because there are endless possibilities.”

What was the biggest take-away you learned?

“I learned several things from this project, but the biggest thing I took away was to budget your events carefully, because for example, it is very easy to spend too much money on florals and lighting and not have enough for other vendors. It’s good to have a set amount you want to spend on each aspect of the wedding so you will stay on track.”

What advice do you have for anyone planning an event?

“Let each event you plan reflect your own unique style, because that will make you stand out as a planner. Also, research and gain as much inspiration as you can and don’t close your mind to new ideas, because you can always improve the design, entertainment, and structure for the wedding. “



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