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Chloë Field



What was the inspiration for this project?

“My best friend is getting married next November, so I used her and her fiance as real life inspiration. It was fun because she picked the colors and themes, and I put them together in a way she could use for her wedding and reception.”

I love getting to think creatively and push myself to come up with new, exciting ideas.

What did you find to be the most challenging?

“The most challenging part was being pushed out of my comfort zone. I tend to gravitate toward subdued palettes, and in this case, my client wanted jewel tones. They wanted to reflect their love for wine and their new home on the beach. Both are beautiful, but also completely opposite from the aesthetic where I feel most comfortable. Also, both those concepts can be overdone and I really wanted to avoid the cliche.”

What was your favorite part?

“Interestingly, what I found to be most challenging was also my favorite. I love getting to think creatively and push myself to come up with new, exciting ideas. But I think my MOST favorite, was using the constraints placed on me by my clients and creating a dream day for them. Making their vision come to life for their special day was very rewarding.”

What was the biggest take-away you learned?

“The biggest take away for me, is to pay close attention to the unique details as to what makes the couple “them”. Listen to what is said, as well as to what isn’t. I was at an advantage in this case because the client was my best friend, so I already knew the “client”. But through this event planning process, I learned even more about them and we were able to create the most customized event possible that was specific just to them. I personally don’t want to create events that could be cookie cutter – for just anyone. Personalization makes the affair more exclusive. When an event is unique and reflects their personal tastes, wants, and desires–especially for wedding planning- clients are more likely to appreciate the value of having hired an event planner.”

What advice do you have for anyone planning an event?

“My advice for anyone planning an event is to establish continuity. Everything should blend and work together from the big concept like the venue(s) down to the save the dates, the invites, the flowers and decor, etc.. there should be a consistent theme that is easy to follow. Narrow down ideas or rework the client’s ideas so that even their random desires can be incorporated without sacrificing continuity. And always consider the details.”



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