Student Spotlight – Rachel Fritsch

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Rachael Fritsch



What was the inspiration for this project?

“This project was inspired by the personalities of both Eleanor and Matthew. I knew that I wanted every part of this wedding to reflect their individual styles as well as their unity as a couple.”

It was so unexpected to me that in just six months I completed my certification and found a job in the industry!

What did you find to be the most challenging?

“Staying on budget is always a challenge! High expectations and a lofty vision come with a price tag, however, there are always creative ways to save money which enables you to allocate more of the budget to what is most important to the couple.”

What was your favorite part?

“I absolutely loved finding little ways to make the wedding extremely personal to the couple. Don’t underestimate how the littlest details can add impact to the event overall!”

What was the biggest take-away you learned?

“Planning a wedding start-to-finish is a huge undertaking. At times, all of the details and decisions needed can seem overwhelming. Looking at the details while also holding onto the big picture will help to create a cohesive event full of impact.”

What advice do you have for anyone planning an event?

“Don’t underestimate the importance of staying organized and paying attention to detail! It is also imperative to truly listen to your client and understand their desires even if they can’t eloquently communicate that to you.”



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